Roses 60-70cm

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70,00 MDL
Item Code: 1018

Bouquet of Red Roses "Netherlands" 60-70cm

70,00 MDL
Item Code: 1019

Bouquet of White roses "Netherlands" 60-70cm

69,00 MDL
Item Code: 1020

Bouquet of Pink roses "Netherlands" 60-70cm

65,00 MDL
Item Code: 1021

Bouquet of multicolored roses "Netherlands" 60-70cm

1 415,00 MDL
Item Code: 1022

Bouquet "Two hearts love" Standard. Composition of 19 red roses. Bouquet "Two hearts love" Extra. Composition of 25 red roses. Bouquet "Two hearts love" Premium. Composition of 31 red roses.

2 170,00 MDL
Item Code: 1023

Bouquet "Elegance" Standard. Composition of 31 roses 60-70cm. Bouquet "Elegance" Extra. Composition of 41 roses 60-70cm. Bouquet "Elegance" Premium. Composition of 51 roses 60-70cm.