Terms and conditions

I. Online merchant identification

The service www.flowerscity.md is offered by SC KATALEYA ART S.R.L

Contact: info@flowerscity.md

Phone: 022 60 84 11 or 078306695

Address: R. Moldova, or. Chisinau, str. Lev Tolstoi 24/1

c/f 1023600032245

TVA 0507105

www.flowerscity.md is an e-commerce service. The purchase of products is based on orders received on the website, by phone or at the office.

Products sold by S.C. KATALEYA ART S.R.L are new products.

III. Intellectual Property

www.flowerscity.md content and design, and any other related materials belong to the company and / or its collaborators - where this is expressly stated (copyright) and are protected by intellectual property laws. You can not use, reproduce or allow anyone to use the materials of www.flowerscity.md without having a written permission, in advance by the Company.

It is allowed to create limited, non-exclusive and irrevocable hyperlink to the index page of www.flowerscity.md as long as this does not present www.flowerscity.md service in a false, misleading, derogatory or offensive way.

For any issues related to intellectual property please contact us by e-mail suport@flowerscity.md.

IV. Registering as a user

www.flowerscity.md website can be accessed free of charge and by simply browsing its pages without registration. But in order to benefit from certain services offered by the site, as well as purchase products offered by it, receiving the newsletter or checking the status of orders www.flowerscity.md own, you will need to register as an user. Registering as an user implies acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the usable www.flowerscity.md and its privacy policy. These regulations are the contractual basis of relations between users and the company.

Since the Terms and Conditions of use may be changed, please read them regularly. Given that you will not agree with these provisions, please do not access / use www.flowerscity.md services. By using this site you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of sensible data of your user account created on the site and agree to take responsibility for all activities on your user account.

www.flowerscity.md does not sell products to minors under 18 (eighteen) years.

www.flowerscity.md reserves the right to suspend user accounts, change or remove text, images, hyperlinks or refuse the sale of products at its discretion.

V. Personal Information / Privacy Policy

By registering as an user of www.flowerscity.md we will ask you a series of personal question to receive data such as name, email address, date of birth, and other personal information, allowing the user to identify himself at www.flowerscity.md services and order processing. Also, to subscribe to the newsletter or alerts of www.flowerscity.md you will have to provide us with a valid email address, and other data related to you. The data will be used exclusively by the company. It will not be sold to third parties.

The recorded information is intended for use by the operator in order to deliver products and it is communicated only by you. According to the Law Nr. 133 of 08.07.2011 Moldova, you have the right to access and modify the data, the right not to be subjected to an individual decision and the right to appeal to justice. You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and request deletion of data. If some data about you is incorrect, please inform us as soon as possible. To exercise these rights, you can submit a written request, signed and dated by e-mail reclamatii@flowerscity.md. You also have the right to appeal to justice.

www.flowerscity.md will collect information or data enabling identification of individuals (name, address, telephone number, email address). These are necessary also for delivering the goods you ordered. If you want your information to be removed, you can tell us at any time by contacting us.

More information about the privacy policy of KATALEYA ART S.R.L. - here.

VI. Purchasing procedures

To buy and take possession of the products offered for sale on www.flowerscity.md the following steps are required:

- Identification and selection of products

- Your registration as a user of www.flowerscity.md (It is not mandatory)

- Payment of the selected products

Payment can be made online, by bank transfer, by courier, at delivery or at our office, according covered in Chapter VII, and the final cost price of the product ordered will include VAT and, if applicable, delivery price.

By placing an order online, mail, chat or by telephone you agree www.flowerscity.md form of communication (telephone, chat or e-mail) that the site runs his operations.

Because the delivery is carried in the best possible conditions, when you fill in your recipient data make sure they are complete and correct. If you can't provide the complete address or full name, please let us know by phone or email (or special fields). We are not responsible for delayed deliveries caused by the lack of complete data.

VII. How to buy

VII.1. Prices

Unless otherwise provided, the prices displayed on www.flowerscity.md are final prices and include VAT (added tax of 20%, valid in Moldova). Final purchase price can be suggested by manufacturers or suppliers or may be estimated based on the prices of the industry. The final purchase price may not be the best price on a particular product segment or for a certain period.

VII.2. Payment methods

Paying for ordered products, you can choose between the following payment methods: online by card, PayPal, bank transfer or cash by the courier. If you have chosen the bank transfer option, the following window will thank you for placing an order and will give you information about the order and payment. This information will be  received by e-mail, in the form of an invoice. If you chose to pay cash, after placing your order you will receive via email your order information necessary to form an invoice, following the payment at the courier.

VIII. Reviews, comments, communications and other content

Users can post reviews, comments and other content, submit suggestions, ideas, raise questions, they can submit articles or other materials as long as their content:

- It is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, does not infringe the right to privacy or the law on the protection of intellectual property;

- Does not contain viruses, commercial communications, political, hateful or intolerance based on ethnic, religious, racial, sexual orientation, or other forms of collective message of "spam".

In order to post reviews, comments, communications and other content, you can't use e-mail or false identities. www.flowerscity.md reserves the right, but has no obligation to remove or edit all the content posted by users and has no obligation to periodically review this content. With the posting of reviews, comments, communications and other content on www.flowerscity.md, send (unless otherwise indicated in the Company), intellectual property rights, in a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, of the material posted. The Company has the right to modify, reproduce, transmit, adapt, publish, distribute materials posted by users, by any means of mass communication, in any country. By posting reviews, comments, communications and other content on www.flowerscity.md, the Company assigned the right to use your name in relation to the material posted, you warrant that you own or control in another form of intellectual property right materials you post, the material posted does not violate any of the conditions posting of reviews, commentaries, communications and other content from the users of www.flowerscity.md.

www.flowerscity.md has the right but not the obligation to monitor, edit or delete any Content or activities of users on the site. www.flowerscity.md is not responsible and does not assume responsibility for any of the material posted by any third party site. www.flowerscity.md has the right not to publish all the comments and articles suggested by users.

IX. Force Majeure

www.flowerscity.md, affiliates and / or generally to suppliers of goods or services www.flowerscity.md not be held liable for any delay or failure arising directly or indirectly concerned which does not depend on the will www.flowerscity.md. This exemption includes but is not limited to: technical malfunction of equipment from www.flowerscity.md, lack of functioning of the internet connection, lack of functioning of the telephone connections, computer viruses, unauthorized access to systems www.flowerscity.md errors operating, and cases of superior force stipulated by law.

X. Advertising

www.flowerscity.md can display advertisements in its pages offer the products, and the products or services from third parties. By using www.flowerscity.md and by accepting the terms and conditions of its use and privacy policy will directly express your permission to be the recipient of this commercial communications.

XI. Complaints about violations of law related to intellectual property protection

www.flowerscity.md respects the intellectual property of third parties. If you noticed that your site contains information which infringes their intellectual property, please send us a notification by e-mail: info@flowerscity.md or contact us at the phone number displayed in the About Us section.

XII. Applicable law

The services offered by the company through www.flowerscity.md are governed by provisions of Moldova laws, especially the law Nr. 284 of 22.07.2004 on electronic commerce, law Nr. 105 of 13.03.2003 on consumer protection and distance contracts.

Terms and conditions of www.flowerscity.md are in order with Republic of Moldova legislation. In case of dispute, it will first try an amicable settlement within 30 days of registering the complaint at the headquarters of SC KATALEYA ART S.R.L. If you can not reach an agreement within the time specified above, the litigations between the parties will be submitted for solving to the competent Court of Law in Chisinau.

XIII. Presentation of the offer

S.C. KATALEYA ART S.R.L. reserves the right to operate at any time, any changes to prices and technical data www.flowerscity.md will be made without prior notice. Technical data present on the site are for information purposes and are not a contractual obligation. Some pictures on the website are for presentation and there may be little differences between them and the final product.

XIV. Tips for plants care

To properly care for the flowers you just have to follow the instructions received.

If you received a bouquet of flowers:

- Put the flowers as soon as possible, in a vase with water;

- Change the water daily (as soon as it becomes turbid);

- Keep flowers in a cool place and sun hidden.

If you received a flower arrangement with foam (oasis):

- Make sure the sponge remains moist at all times (flowers absorb water from it);

- Avoid moving arrangement;

- Keep flower arrangement in a cool place and sun hidden.

XV. Right of return

Under the decision Nr. 65 of 26.01.2001, the flowers represent products which are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly and are exempted from the right of return.

Vases, toys or other non-perishable products sold by KATALEYA ART S.R.L. can be returned in the following manner:

Termination procedure and return:

1. You may only return products that are not perishable and / or food. Consequently, flowers and sweets can not return, but toys, vases and baskets, yes.

2. Return of goods is done by sending the good to the address: Chisinau, str. Lev Tolstoi 24/1 through any of our couriers.

3. Carriage return package will be paid by you at the time of shipment, otherwise be refused receipt.

4. The package will content all documents received initially, and a written address, signed by the person who initiated and paid order that notice of termination of the contract and request the return of the amount paid, indicating the bank account where the money will be returned.

5. The package must be sent at the www.flowerscity.md headquarters within 14 working days of receipt of order.

6. The amount paid will be full reimbursed less the transport cost that remains the client’s obligation, within 14 days upon the integral receiving of the return package and of the letter of termination (if the two come apart, the 14 days pass since the last of them which was received).

Following the entry into force of the decision Nr. 1465 of 08.12.2003, consumers have the right to waive the purchase within 14 days from the date of entry into physical possession of the product.

In this respect please contact us beforehand by any form of communication.

XVI. Guarantee of conformity

Liability for lack of conformity of products marketed is engaged if the lack of conformity occurs within 2 days of delivery of products.

S.C. KATALEYA ART S.R.L. has an obligation to deliver products that comply with the contract of sale, regardless of the form that ends, verbal or written.

It is considered that a product is in conformity with the contract of sale if the following conditions are met:

a) it corresponds to the description given by the seller and has the same qualities as the products which the seller presented as a sample or model;

b) the product satisfies any specified purpose requested by the consumer, purpose made known to the seller and accepted by the conclusion of the contract of sale;

Products sold on-site www.flowerscity.md benefit warranty under Moldovan law, if they are not perishable products: flowers, plants, food. KATALEYA ART S.R.L. offers flowers but guarantee freshness only for 7 days if they are kept and cared for according to our recommendations.

All goods sold by KATALEYA ART S.R.L. are getting a guarantee according to law and trade policies. The goods are new and come from sources approved by each producer individually.

KATALEYA ART S.R.L. pays special attention to products and services and is ensuring their quality. KATALEYA ART S.R.L. customers will have the necessary support for the recall of a product of desire.