How to pay?

Your order will be delivered immediately after payment confirmation

At Flower City we make your whole experience outstanding, the place were every client is full of joy after receiving our bouquets.

Your experience would not be that outstanding if we were focused only on delivering bouquets in perfect condition,we also take care of the whole process by making it simple and efficient and by making the payment process quick and safe.

The bouquets created by our designers can be paid by the payment methods you prefer.

The price of an order placed online must be greater than 499 MDL.

Exceptions are the days of 14 February and 8 March

1. Office Payment

If you want to pay at the office,we are waiting for you at str. Lev Tolstoi 24/1, Chisinau, daily from 9:00 to 20:00. After payment, the order will be processed and then shipped.

2. With the credit or debit card

Payments are processed under the conditions of maximum security, directly by VictoriaBank. Flower City does not use or retain any information about the cards used to pay online.

3. Paypal

Online payment trough PayPal is made under maximum security. With PayPal you enter the card details once, and it will be perfectly secured, or if you already have a PayPal account, you may login and make the payment.

4. Payment by courier (An extra fee will be charged)

Payment by courier is available only for orders placed in Chisinau. After placing the order, a courier will come to you to charge the value of the order. After this, the order will be processed and then shipped.

5. Cash payment on order delivery

Paying cash on delivery is available only for orders placed in the Chisinau area. After order completion an operator will call you to arrange the order details, manner and terms of payment.

6. Payment by money transfer

We accept only the following methods of money transfer: Western Union, Unistream, MoneyGram, Interexpress, Быстрая почта, Blizko, Contact, RIA money transfer, Leader, Золотая корона, Intel Express, Sigue, Privat Money. After placing your order this way, you'll immediately receive all the necessary data for the money transfer, the amount required and order number. Your order will be delivered as soon as you confirm the payment by sending a transaction code, as well as the amount, the city from which payment was made, the name of the person who made the payment on our email address, telephone number +373 22 60 84 11 or via SMS +373 78306695.

7. Other payment methods

We understand that by choosing this, you did not find a suitable payment method for yourself.

Shortly you will be contacted by an operator to identify a convenient way of payment.

8. By bank transfer or Cash deposit (for Companies)

This payment method is normally used by companies. Payment is made directly into VictoriaBank accounts for the name of S.C. Flowers City LLC. If you choose this method of payment you will receive all the necessary supplies for immediate payment. For details please contact us at +373 22 60 84 11 or +373 69464570.