Bouquet of 21 purple tulips + Chocolate "Korona de Luxe" + hampagne "Bacio di Bolle" View larger

Bouquet of 21 yellow tulips + Chocolate "Korona de Luxe" + Champagne "Bacio di Bolle"

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Set contains:
1x Bouquet of 21 yellow tulips in red craft paper.
1x Chocolate "Korona de Luxe" 216g.
1x Champagne "Bacio di Bolle" Pink 0.7l.

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Item Code: 3050

 Champagne "Bacio di Bolle" Pink Moscato 0.7l

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729,00 MDL
Item Code: 1298

Bouquet of yellow tulips wrapped in red craft paper with decorations and greenery.

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